URL Schemes

Using the sip:// custom URL Scheme you can communicate with Sip app and make some instructions.


You can activate your License using: sip://license/{{SERIAL_NUMBER}}, this will open the Activation Window and will fill the field with the {{SERIAL_NUMBER}}.

Example: sip://license/SP2-000-000-AAA-BBB-CCC

Activate License Window.


You can launch Sip Picker using sip://picker

Example: sip://picker

Show Picker.

Contrast Checker

You can launch Contrast Checker using sip://contrast, optionally it's possible to pass 2 colors as arguments, in hex or rgba format.

Example 1: sip://contrast

Example 2: sip://contrast/hex/#F0F5F5,#EC1052

Example 3: sip://contrast/rgba/251-86-72-1.00,43-43-43-1.00

Activate Contrast Checker Window.


You can launch Settings using sip://settings, optionally it's possible to pass the tab that you want to open, must be one of this values: general, appearance, shortcuts, shortcuts, dock, snapshots, cloud, about.

Example 1: sip://settings

Example 2: sip://settings/formats

Show Settings Window.


Using this URL Scheme it's possible to add a color to your history, you need to set the format (hex or rgba), then the color name, then the color in the right format.

Example 1: sip://color/hex/My Sin/#FAAA43

Example 2: sip://color/rgba/Sunset Orange/250-81-66-1.00

Added Color.


Using this URL Scheme it's possible to add a palette, you need to set the format (hex or rgba), then the palete name, then a list of colors comma separated. each color must be valid.

Example 1: sip://palette/rgba/Dark Palette/Mine Shaft-50-50-51-1.00,Nero-37-37-38-1.00

Example 2: sip://palette/hex/Big Sur/Tomato-#FE6147,My Sin-#FBAC42,Green Blue-#1074B5

Added Palette.